Lucille was stolen, and Jaspierre tossed into prison. It was ridiculous. She started doing jumping jacks. The world appeared to have changed in the most vicious, unrelentingly difficult way. Yes, she had made some mistakes. She murdered, but even though he deserved it, it was still technically illegal. Couldn’t they cut her some slack because Lucille was stolen? Because Pierre was murdered? But no, somehow, that was not quite how it worked.

They should have just given her a ticket or a slap on the wrist. It was her first offense! Shouldn’t everyone get to kill at least one person before they had to go to prison? She understood men like Chance needed to be locked up. But a successful woman like her? It made no sense. Everyone was a little naughty; what’s next? Every single speeding person locked up? Anyone who smoked in a non-smoking zone thrown into prison for years? Where would they draw the line?

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