An excerpt for your amusement. 1

I’ve been flying through the editing of Jaspierre’s Last Chance, and I thought maybe you’d like a little sneak peek:


Somehow, Edward just didn’t seem like he would ever see it that way. What happened to him to make him so sick and twisted? She didn’t understand it. Hadn’t he burned corpses when he was a child? Did his parents simply hide the harsh realities of life? Was he just naive? Did he know that it was normal? Just like speeding? Or did he really have no idea? Mother, had never gotten caught. Jaspierre didn’t know how many people mother killed, but she was guessing that it would be around thirty or more. Jaspierre had now barely killed five people. Seem like nothing in comparison. So why on earth would he make such a big deal about it? She just didn’t get it.

Do you think that you’d be a serial killer if you had been raised like Jaspierre?




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One thought on “An excerpt for your amusement.

  • Eve/Gray

    So, Ms. Mixi is back…Yes.

    Hello, It’s Eve

    At last, you lost the 5 stories “albatros” behind. Hope the children are well as you, specially “bat boot girl”.

    Seen that your brother and niece are doing well..yeah… Many hugs…