Under Siege

So, I’ve got a bit of a bat problem.

Let’s be clear, I hate bats at this point.

I haven’t yet found their nest so I can’t eradicate, move or otherwise deal with them.  I’ve sat outside at dusk several nights in a row, waiting and watching for any black fluttering creatures to flap around the house.

I find nothing.

But usually, even as I sit, watching for the terrible beasts invading my home, I’ll see the cat, Pikachu, with one in his mouth.  He’ll be walking towards the house, bringing his new friend inside to play.

I tried to sit and watch the cat for an hour, but believe me, he only hunts if he is being ignored.

Once inside, my wellfed house cat with release the bat and let it fly, and then chase and pounce.

About half the time he kills them.

About half the time he loses them entirely.

Last night as soon as I turned off the light, a very frightened, very loud screaming bat starting flapping underneath my bed.  Calling all it’s friends and family- Help I’m lost in this… five story maze and not a single tree in sight.

Believe me, a very frightened, blind Mixi was screaming THIS IS A NOPE (I don’t know why that’s what I screamed, maybe I just knew how comedic it would end up when I told this tale.  I’ve never screamed nope before so that was entirely new to me).

And even worse I had to come back into my room to find my glasses in order to hunt for the dang thing.

I did not find it.

So when bats finally appear in my novels as vicious terrible things, then you shall know how truly and deeply inspired I am- And if anyone yells nope you’ll be absolutely certain that I’m mocking my strange Mixi brain. 🙂

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