Gridlocked Guesthouse Finished

Well, I’ve finished another book, you may applaud whenever you aren’t busy.

This one has that crazy narrator I’ve been talking about. She’s my favorite part of this story so far.  I think that I have done an excellent job making four totally different, perfectly delicious  haunted house stories.

Do you like a deep back story? Ghosts from the past tormenting the current owners?  Maybe give Landlocked Lighthouse a try.

Do you prefer hilarious humor mixed with dark story?  Definitely read Gridlocked Guesthouse.  She’s absolutely bananas, and you’re gonna hold your sides with wide eyes horrified laughter.

Are you more into finding out what more than one person would do when confronted with a ghost?  Try Padlocked Penthouse.  It’s so classic.  Each guest tries to defeat the ghost in their own awful way.


Anyways, I’m knee deep in Firelocked Funhouse, and then that’ll be it for the hauntings for a bit.


I’m pretty certain I’ll be writing a dark thriller next.  Do you like dark thrillers?


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