Come along kids, into the fire.

The Firelocked Funhouse has been so fun to work on so far.  These kids just tried to bury a clown alive.

It’s not gonna work.

Plus, the little one carries around a bear!


Anyways, I’ve been doing excellent, I’ve been being excellent.

10’s dress won at state fair, which means, she’s got to go to the next competition, I wish I had showed her to sew less good. (I can’t decide if I even feel bad.  More competitions are vomitous terrible things I have no patience for- but 10 is amazing and deserves to win everything this world has to offer.)


Next week I will have all my children away and I’ll be working ten times harder than ever, and playing ten times harder than ever.  Ballroom dancing?  Oh yes, it’s gonna happen.  I’ve already shined my shoes.  The umbrella gun will be finished and I am going to have the most amazing costume for Suicide Squad.

This is the grand finale, the big finish of summer before life gets back into a steady and safe routine.  Back to school, back to words.  The only sliver still digging away at me is the cats still quarantined.  Only one more month.  Please rally pretty kitties.  I can’t wait to have them home.

I also have all remodeling on hold at the moment whilst I get some books out the door.  After I get back into the swing of routine I’ll add ’tiling and painting’ back to my schedule along with “hanging drywall’ and flooring!  The attic is desperately ready to be floored.  I am impatient.  I am ready for my house to start housing and stop constructing.  I”m ready for my books to start flying off the shelves, and my days to be less stressful.  Let’s skip through my forest and laugh through the nights.

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