Series: Locked House Hauntings

Gridlocked Guesthouse

Book Cover: Gridlocked Guesthouse
Part of the Locked House Hauntings series:

Some mysteries are best left unsolved... It's no secret that the old guesthouse has a dark history. That's why it is so perfect... 

    When thirteen collage friend's band together for a weekend of fun off campus, they had only one thing in mind, a murder mystery party! But when a strange sealed door in the old basement of the guesthouse begins to slowly unlock the thirteen friends find it to be far from entertaining. Soon the murders are all too real.

    Trapped in the confines of the old guest house Ricky,Rachel, Tiffany and their friends must fight to survive and find a way to escape the old death trap before it's too late.

 Will they witness what happens when the door opens? Or will they accept their only method of escape... and risk sealing their own fate? 

     Join Mixi J. Applebottom in a hair raising, spine tingling new series the Locked House Hauntings. If you are a fan of Misery by Stephen King you will be chilled and thrilled by the Gridlocked Guesthouse!


I'm sorry about the cursing, but I mean, these are college students. I just want you to really immerse yourself in what they would have been thinking and feeling. And it's basically sex and drama and booze and swearing. I can't tell the story any other way.

So the person screaming was Tiffany. And you might be curious about her anyway, because you already know she just dumped John, refused his proposal, aborted his baby. That was how "nope, not gonna" she was.

But you're probably dying, just wondering but why?! John seemed like such a nice guy, a bit of a drunk this weekend, but he was allowed the pain. Clearly it was a brutal breakup. But sorry (not sorry), I'm gonna introduce you to Mikaela.

Padlocked Penthouse

Book Cover: Padlocked Penthouse

The penthouse was dormant, but when a new family moves in it awakens with the plan to divide and conquer.

Four year old Pear finds herself playing with a ghost days after moving into her new home.  Pear tries to convince her Mother to move, but she won't listen.  She begs her nanny Wynne to help her write a note and calm down the angry ghost, but it doesn't work.  But when her odd eyed cat goes suspiciously missing Pear knows it's too late.

She tries to make toast and feed the haunted spirit, but it isn't hungry. Soon Wynne is gone, and then her mother.  What else can a four year old do?

How can she convince it to give them back?

The Locked House Hauntings can be read in any order.
Reviews:Sam Yang on wrote:

If you were a layer of paint in a painting, would you even know it? That's one of the questions this book asks. It also explores how different people react to the same event, as it's told through different perspectives and fabulous rewinds. Would you be forever lost? Would you smugly think you had it figured out, even as you rub salt in your own wounds? Would you simply go completely crazy?

This is the author's latest book to date and definitely the best so far. Since the books in this series are self-contained, I would start with this one. It's a great initiation into this author's style of writing. She keeps you guessing what's real, what's imagined, and always gets you to turn the page. Just when you think YOU have it figured out it goes off the deep end again.

Next, read Landlocked Lighthouse. If you can handle that one then you're ready for the Jaspierre series.

I didn't find this book as scary as Landlocked Lighthouse, which gave me the creeps several times, but it's definitely the page-turner of the two. It preys on more of a psychological fear, the kind you get when you feel trapped somewhere and you can't get out...

Landlocked Lighthouse

Book Cover: Landlocked Lighthouse
Part of the Locked House Hauntings series:

Would you take a mansion in the middle of nowhere?

She'd never won anything before in her life, not even a lousy two bucks from a scratch off. So winning a massive lighthouse mansion at an auction for mere pocket change seemed like the score of a lifetime. It meant a fresh start for her and her family. Who could say no to that?

Her first warning was its location. Who builds a landlocked lighthouse with no water in sight? Then came the photographs, containing mysterious red scribbling that seemed aimed at her. But that was surely impossible.

She should have known it was too good to be true. Now the demons of her past have caught up to her, and this time they're out for blood. It's a race against time to solve the mystery of this dream home turned nightmare because, if she fails, her children will pay the ultimate price for her sins.

Can she save them before it's too late? Or will the house win?
The Locked House Hauntings can be read in any order.

Reviews:Amanda on wrote:

This thrilling and suspenseful page-turner kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Applebottom cleverly crafted a complex and unique story that tactfully intertwines the past, present, and future. She takes the reader on a journey through a provocative story that tugs at the mysteries of the human condition. The use of language is imaginative and easy to understand, providing an exciting and satisfying light read that you'll want to read again and again. I'm anxiously waiting to see what this up-and-coming author will do next!