Series: Jaspierre

Jaspierre’s Last Chance

Book Cover: Jaspierre's Last Chance
Part of the Jaspierre series:

Jaspierre, is locked away in prison with one thing on her mind, the death, torture and murder of the man that ruined her life- Chance. His violent and frequent murders got her in there, and she owes him.

Upon her return home she finds new experiments in the basement, her house ransacked, and her precious servals are missing.

Things don't go as planned, and she finds herself begrudgingly needing Chance. Will she survive his help?

Reviews:Sylliebee on wrote:

Good heavens, I'm almost embarrassed by how much I adore this psychopathic sociopath and her antics. Also how much I love to hate Chance.

Reading Mixi's tales of Jaspierre brings out the same feelings I had when I was in Junior high and started reading King. The mix of revulsion and fascination, along with a need to keep reading way past my bedtime. It's one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

I won't post any specific spoilers, but in this book we get more background on the relationship between Jasp and Chance, a deeper look at just how early Severina started forcing her daughter down this path, and how Jaspierre deals with the idea of motherhood. We also get plenty of maiming, torture, freaks, rage, death, triumph, and an ending that's quite possibly the most disturbing potential cliffhanger so far.

It's not heavy literature, it's delicious brain snacks. Give your mind a twisted, salty treat and read it yourself.

Jaspierre’s Descent

Book Cover: Jaspierre's Descent
Part of the Jaspierre series:

Jaspierre is alone. Her servals, Tessa and Ikali are no longer enough for her. She wants a family so badly she will do whatever it takes, even if she has to assemble it herself. So she does what any self-respecting mad scientist would do, and renews Mother’s experiments.
Her childhood friend, Chance is secretly stalking her, leaving behind a trail of bodies. With a new detective following the bodies up to her doorstep is Jaspierre in over her head this time?

Reviews:Sylliebee on wrote:

Jaspierre is back for more psychopathic/sociopathic chaos. Though shorter than the first book, it doesn't skimp on action. Plus, her hormones are out of whack since her former lover left her a little time-delay gift.
With her future uncertain, her past comes back to haunt her. Both her mother and her father resurface...with somewhat J. R. R. Martin like results. There are no happy endings for this girl. Especially when a competent detective finally catches up to her at the critical moment her past, present, and future all collide.
Oh, and while I don't want to offer any hard spoilers, one of her true demons has been resurrected, and follows its own downward spiral.
It's violent, creepy, psychologically challenging, and it kept me up WAY past my bedtime because I had to know what happened next. I can't wait to read what happens next!


Book Cover: Jaspierre

When you're the daughter of a mad scientist, surrounded all your life by depraved sex and violence, it seems the problems just mount up all on their own. What's a girl to do?

Jaspierre wasn't sure if she should kill the man who's been locked in her basement or let him go. Mother would be so proud if she did - he did kill her cat. But it's been ten years. Jaspierre can't seem to get mad enough to end him.

She also had a slightly bigger problem looming. Chance is returning home. It's not so much the man in her basement that's the issue as much as Chance is a deranged serial killer with a twisted obsession for her that makes his other hobbies look almost sane.

Reviews:Sylliebee on wrote:

What happens when you're RAISED to be a killer? Jaspierre has been taught to be methodical in her "experimentation" from the age of five. (That's also when she began the process of taking over her family's legitimate pharmaceutical business.) Her sociopathic tendencies are broken up by her psycopathic urges - but she's rich and her huge house is home to all kinds of things which help keep these secrets, well, secret.

The story is helped along with an interwoven series of flashbacks. I never thought I'd feel for a killer, but Mixi kind of makes you want to offer Jasp a hug - if you weren't pretty sure she'd knife you while she hugged you back. She also juxtaposes Jaspierre against Chance, her childhood frenemy, now back in town. Chance is decidedly a psychopath all on his own; his actions are as horrifying as Jaspierre's would be if you didn't know that the quote above is pretty central to her world view.

Also, I now want trained servals as pets. So thanks for that impossible dream. FYI, I turned the pages so fast that I read this book in less than two days. I'm looking forward eagerly to "Jaspierre's Descent".

Kristen on wrote:

This is a dark and twisted read and I loved reading this! I am definitely a huge fan of dark and sinister reads and this does not disappoint! This is the first book I've read by this author and it definitely won't be the last. I highly recommend reading this and I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.