Jaspierre’s Last Chance

Book Cover: Jaspierre's Last Chance
Part of the Jaspierre series:

Jaspierre, is locked away in prison with one thing on her mind, the death, torture and murder of the man that ruined her life- Chance. His violent and frequent murders got her in there, and she owes him.

Upon her return home she finds new experiments in the basement, her house ransacked, and her precious servals are missing.

Things don't go as planned, and she finds herself begrudgingly needing Chance. Will she survive his help?

Reviews:Sylliebee on Amazon.com wrote:

Good heavens, I'm almost embarrassed by how much I adore this psychopathic sociopath and her antics. Also how much I love to hate Chance.

Reading Mixi's tales of Jaspierre brings out the same feelings I had when I was in Junior high and started reading King. The mix of revulsion and fascination, along with a need to keep reading way past my bedtime. It's one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

I won't post any specific spoilers, but in this book we get more background on the relationship between Jasp and Chance, a deeper look at just how early Severina started forcing her daughter down this path, and how Jaspierre deals with the idea of motherhood. We also get plenty of maiming, torture, freaks, rage, death, triumph, and an ending that's quite possibly the most disturbing potential cliffhanger so far.

It's not heavy literature, it's delicious brain snacks. Give your mind a twisted, salty treat and read it yourself.

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