Gridlocked Guesthouse

Book Cover: Gridlocked Guesthouse
Part of the Locked House Hauntings series:

Some mysteries are best left unsolved... It's no secret that the old guesthouse has a dark history. That's why it is so perfect... 

    When thirteen collage friend's band together for a weekend of fun off campus, they had only one thing in mind, a murder mystery party! But when a strange sealed door in the old basement of the guesthouse begins to slowly unlock the thirteen friends find it to be far from entertaining. Soon the murders are all too real.

    Trapped in the confines of the old guest house Ricky,Rachel, Tiffany and their friends must fight to survive and find a way to escape the old death trap before it's too late.

 Will they witness what happens when the door opens? Or will they accept their only method of escape... and risk sealing their own fate? 

     Join Mixi J. Applebottom in a hair raising, spine tingling new series the Locked House Hauntings. If you are a fan of Misery by Stephen King you will be chilled and thrilled by the Gridlocked Guesthouse!


I'm sorry about the cursing, but I mean, these are college students. I just want you to really immerse yourself in what they would have been thinking and feeling. And it's basically sex and drama and booze and swearing. I can't tell the story any other way.

So the person screaming was Tiffany. And you might be curious about her anyway, because you already know she just dumped John, refused his proposal, aborted his baby. That was how "nope, not gonna" she was.

But you're probably dying, just wondering but why?! John seemed like such a nice guy, a bit of a drunk this weekend, but he was allowed the pain. Clearly it was a brutal breakup. But sorry (not sorry), I'm gonna introduce you to Mikaela.

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