Gridlocked Guesthouse: A short story

Book Cover: Gridlocked Guesthouse: A short story
Part of the Locked House Hauntings Shorts series:
  • Gridlocked Guesthouse: A short story

Todd and his dog Griffin stop by the guesthouse for a night. They are driving home a pop-up camper, and Todd hasn't been able to get it open. Ricky, his buddy, said he should stay at the guesthouse tonight. But once he hears a lady screaming he decided it's better to stay somewhere else. But now Griffin is missing. Can he get his dog out before the ghosts are released?

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2 thoughts on “Gridlocked Guesthouse: A short story

  • Josette Thomas

    Gridlocked guesthouse was an amazing read. I was confused a first who was telling the story but when I found out, I was astonished! To find out Lillian was alive and scaring everyone…..was too much. I read this book in 2 hours and I am still reeling!